NOW TAKING DEPOSITS FOR FALL 2014 STANDARD BERNEDOODLES!




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A Bernedoodle is a crossbreed (hybrid or ‘designer dog’) created by crossing the Bernese Mountain Dog and a Standard or Miniature Poodle.

Like most hybrid or ‘designer’ dogs, Bernedoodles do not have consistent traits when breeding one purebred dog (Poodle) to another purebred dog (Bernese Mountain Dog). While many Bernedoodles display desired traits, their appearance and behavioral characteristics remain unpredictable.Bernedoodles’ hair can be anywhere from wiry to soft, and may be wavy or curly. Many Bernedoodles do shed, although the coat usually sheds less than that of a Bernese Mountain Dog. Their coat color’s are predominately black with white spots, with some that carry the markings similar to that of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Like Poodles, Bernedoodles may be energetic, intelligent and trainable; and like Bernese Mountain Dogs they may be patient, good with children and other pets and fond of cold weather.

The advantage of crossing Bernedoodles with other Bernedoodles is that people will know what they are getting as far as personality, color and size.The disadvantage of breeding generation after generation is that you are now doubling up on genetic traits and getting away from the hybrid that makes a crossbreed so special in the first place!This is a mixed breed dog and therefore cannot be registered with the American or Canadian kennel clubs. We are currently looking into Hybrid Registration Clubs.









 IMG_2555  “OUR NEWEST ADDITION”This is “HAPPY GILMORE”, known as “HAPPY “. He is a Miniature Blue Merle Phantom Poodle. He will be part of the Miniature Bernedoodle breeding program Summer 2014
Ramsey 400 This is “RAMSEY”. He is a Black and Tan Phantom Miniature Poodle. He will be part of the Mini Bernedoodles breeding program Spring 2014
Bently 400 This is “BENTLEY”. He is a Sable Phantom and will be part of the Standard Bernedoodles breeding program.



We are expecting 3 litter’s between March-July 2014

(For more information, see our sister site at    www.bernedoodlesoftherockies.com )

Standard Bernedoodles…..$2600.00-$3000.00 ($600.00  deposit*… will be applied to total cost)

Miniature Bernedoodles…..$2800.00-$3300.00 ($600.00 deposit*… will be applied to total cost)


All puppies are sold with a ONE YEAR Written Health Guarantee for any genetic issues that may arise, and a TWO YEAR Written Health Guarantee for hips and elbows and a Spay and Neuter agreement. All puppies will be properly vaccinated and on a de-worming schedule. All puppies come with a 48 hour health guarantee to be exercised at the expense of the new owner at the time of purchase. Micro chipping is offered for an additional $15.00 fee. All deposits are non refundable.



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