We are Licensed in the State of Colorado through PACFA

( Pet Animal Care Facilities Act )


License # PL0015VU



When considering adopting a puppy, it is just as important to preserve a Bloodline of a breed of dog as it is to help a puppy/dog in need of a proper home. Both have a purpose, both have a passion. Keep that in mind when you are desiring to bring a new puppy/dog home.



We are located in the small town of Johnstown Colorado. We are Specialized Breeders since 1994, and have spent the last 21 years purchasing the best quality bloodlines that offer healthier dogs. The Bernese Mountain Dogs seemed to have better health and longevity in other countries. My belief is because the United States was only permitted to import a certain amount of dogs back in the mid 1970’s, during a time that the Bernese Mountain Dog was being saved from near extinction. This caused breeders to do a lot of ‘inbreeding’ i.e., father to daughter, cousins etc. By breeding that way, it caused the genetic pools to double up. Some were good qualities but some were poor qualities and in effect caused a weakness in their immune systems.

In recent years, more dogs have been allowed to be imported into the United States from other countries now, which has opened up the gene pool and allows for a healthier dog. My goal as a Specialized Breeder is to offer a better quality animal, who is less prone to the cancers and bone issues this breed has. The dogs are raised as family members and are socialized daily. The adult dogs have individual yards, not kennels, although kennels are used to protect pregnant mothers and young puppies. They are later acclimated back into the yards. Our puppies are from Swiss, Canadian, German, Dutch and Belgium Import Bloodlines. We introduced Belgium import bloodlines in our breeding program in 2013. We are a State, County and PACFA licensed facility and are inspected yearly by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

* All puppies are sold with a 24 hour, One and Two Year Written Health Guarantee *


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All puppies are sold with a spay and neuter agreement HOWEVER,  we do not recommend a puppy to be spay or neutered before 8-12 months of age due to the health risks and new studies on adverse effects on the dog in later years. Below are links for your information and choice of study.









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